Chapter 3: Who Are We Really? – an excerpt

The following is an excerpt from Chapter 3 of Bradley Thomason’s book Potentialized (click to buy on

“I am the ocean awakened within the drop of water.”

We are singular, unique expressions of a multifaceted, intelligent, loving Universe experiencing creation through us. We are creators at the leading edge of creation, simultaneously both creating and experiencing our creations. We are integral threads in the fabric of All That Is. We are immensely significant, yet within the entire realm of the infinite Universe, we are entirely insignificant. It is in the tension of reconciling these two realities that we struggle to find our place, meaning, and opportunities for contribution to the whole—our significance. Keeping our egos in check, our utter insignificance is there to remind us not to take ourselves too seriously and instill in us a sense of divine humility.

All things are connected and equally divine. No thing, big or small, holds more significance than any other. No human beings, no matter their position, religious beliefs, colors, nationalities, professions, or wealth, are more or less than any other. We are all born, we all die, as the world turns and the Universe breathes in and out and continues her exploration and discovery of herself. Each of us at death returns to the field of All That Is like a drop of water returning to the ocean, and then, once again, we are born and reemerge into the illusion of singularity, as a drop, in a different time and place.

I rediscovered this knowing when I was gazing into the infinite night sky, knowing that there are TRILLIONS of galaxies. That’s when I realized that all that we struggle with here on this tiny speck called Earth—all the things we fight for, rage against, love, hate, accept, judge—none of it matters to anything or anyone but us.

When we look at the Earth from outer space, first as a beautiful green and blue globe, and then from far enough away to reduce it to a speck in the vast darkness of the void of space, we don’t see war, we don’t see pollution, we don’t see kind acts or cruel acts, we don’t see politics or economics or cultures or money. We just see beauty and silence. We observe existence without human drama.

The starlit night sky gave me perspective and begged the questions: Why does this or anything matter? What am I fighting for? Why do I need to be ‘right’ or ‘better’ or ‘good’ or ‘bad’? What does it all mean? Who am I and who are we in the grand scheme? What role do we play in the Universe’s grand plan?” And when I asked these questions I got an answer. The simplicity of it shook my reality to the core. The Universe spoke and said, “You are a singular expression of the Creator sent forth into the realm of all creation to experience what WE have collectively created. Every emotion, every permutation of behavior, and every experience possible, all of it is feeding the Creator’s knowing of OUR SELVES.

“You cannot err. Being is all that is asked of you. Create whatever you want. You cannot get it wrong. To know love, the Creator must know hate. To know ease, the Creator must know struggle. To know beauty, the Creator must experience ugliness.”

It took me awhile to fully comprehend the enormity of this transmission…


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