We believe an organization is like an organism.  It is the sum of its parts working together to achieve a unique and powerful purpose.  Like the cells, tissues and organs of our bodies must work in perfect alignment and agreement each day so that we can live and express and be.  So too the employees at every level of an organization must work in perfect alignment and agreement within and without toward its singular purpose if it is to succeed and prosper.

Potentializing is a proprietary process based on our understanding of living systems.  It is designed to achieve clarity of purpose, human and capital resource alignment, optimized technology and organizational revitalization toward a single goal:  success and prosperity for ALL!

Our process is a living one.  We customize it based on the specific and unique needs of each client and project.

We offer the following services:

  • Mission/vision exploration, clarification, revision
  • Organizational development & alignment
  • Business process optimization
  • Technology implementation, integration and custom application development
  • Actionable business intelligence to track key performance indicators (KPIs) identified through our process
  • Organizational change management to ensure lasting success

We do not believe in long and drawn out engagements.  We come in, we get it done and get out – while leaving you whole and capable and confident.

We are always here if, when and how you need us – you got this and we got you!



Bradley Thomason’s first book explores the concept that “YOU are the answer you’ve been searching for because you, and only you, create your life – one though, word and action at a time.  Everyday and in every moment you choose and create.  Every new moment is a new opportunity bursting with potential to create the YOU and the life you have only dreamed of.”

Potentialized asserts that everything in creation has a unique and powerful purpose and potential.  EVERYTHING!  We humans are not the exception.  Our purpose is seeking full expression through you, as you right now!


The Workshops are experiential events that bring the concepts of the book to life.  In them we work interactively to:

  • Master the concepts and philosophy presented in Potentialized
  • Understand how each of us are Potentialized, Potentializing, Potentializers
  • Answer WHO and WHY and WHAT for each attendee
  • Teach each attendee to fish so that they have to tools to Potentialize every day
  • Separate story from truth
  • Tame the mind and obliterate self-imposed inhibitors to our own potential and full expression such as:  Fear, Patterns, Programs and Beliefs
  • Get RADICAL with the radicals:  Courage, Responsibility, Forgiveness, Honesty and Self-care
  • Empower participants to achieve escape velocity from sameness, mediocrity, judgement, shoulds and other people’s ideas about who you are
  • Bring you home to the YOU – you are unique in all the Universe and you have the power to create, in every moment, the life you desire:  healthy relationships, abundance, wellness & vitality, more joy, a fulfilling career and more freedom to BE.


The Virtual Book Club allows a sponsor to organize a 6-week interactive reading of POTENTIALIZED.  Each week, author Bradley Thomason attends an hour long discussion group where he expands and adds nuance to the concepts in his book.  There is also a Q&A format so that individual readers can get clarity and apply the subject matter to their own life challenges and opportunities.

If you’d like to sponsor a Virtual Book Club, please go the Connect page and send us an email.  It is time to start living the YOU you were created to be and see your life potentialized.


We believe ideas are like seeds.  They hold extraordinary potential – like the mighty oak that lies within an acorn.   We know that all each idea needs is clarity, intention, attention, resources and unwavering dedication to realize its potential.

We have proven track record incubating ideas of our own, from concept to launch, including:

  • mPowered Solutions: a SaaS product targeted at creative agencies to help them more optimally leverage their digital assets and overall web platform to promote their artist and agencies.
    • Status:  incubated, launched, sold (October 2010)
  • Collabour:  a cloud-based, fully integrated, software as a service (SaaS) solution for non-profit organizations which included premier hosting, support, training and consultancy services
    • Status:  incubated, raised $500K, launched, halted for lack of funding to scale
  • Your$YourVote:  an APP designed to align consumer purchasing with values
    • Status:  currently incubating

When you bring us your ideas, we:

  • Listen.
  • Challenge and clarify your idea.
  • Work with you to build achievable short and long-term action plans to make your idea a reality.
  • Work with you to develop a human and capital resource plans to support your action plan.
  • Help you build the IT infrastructure to run an efficient and effective organization.
  • We walk the path with you and are there if, when and how you need our ongoing support.