Chapter 12: Tame the Beast – an excerpt

The following is an excerpt from Chapter 12 of Bradley Thomason’s book Potentialized:
To reinstall the operating system of the creator HERSELF, you only need to go to one place: NATURE, the ultimate APP store .”


The operating system of nature is not based on analysis or rational thought; it is based on trust, inner knowing, connectedness, and the endless possibilities of the Universe. This is the operating system of the Creator HERSELF. It has always been within you, waiting to be reactivated, and it is at work even now. You were born with it, as all of us were born with it. It is part of our DNA and our connection to the Earth, the galaxy, and beyond. You cannot not have it. The mere fact that we exist demonstrates that this Universal operating system is within us. How else could a mother’s body construct a new vehicle for an adventurous soul? How else could a flower bloom or an egg give rise to a baby chicken born knowing what to eat, fear, and do to survive? This operating system connects All That Is to All That Is. It is the fabric of creation. Separation from it is an illusion.

It is impossible to live within creation and be separate from it. Yet we have learned to identify with our separateness instead of our connectedness, which is akin to identifying with an illusion or fictitious reality. It is like watching a movie and believing you are a character within it and then staying in character after the film ends. Silly, silly humans.

I liken the mind to a loud, crazy-ass, bratty child or the wild, snarling, drooling, smelly beast. We’ve all seen them in public. When they aren’t getting their ways or they are frightened or overstimulated, they become disruptive and loud. They roar and demand and cry and snarl. They hijack our serenity, our conversations, our emotions, and turn us into panicked humans who will do anything to appease and console and acquiesce. The mind makes us a frantic dysfunctional caregiver, too. But it is not the mind’s fault, it has been trained to behave like this; it has been spoiled and allowed to behave badly. And clearly this behavior has worked because it continues to engage in it and get what it wants: control over us.

It is most important to know that you are not your mind. You are not the spoiled child or the wild beast. You are pure and brave and whole and wondrously unique and deeply loved. You are literally stardust that has been animated by the same breath that created all matter and lives within it.

In this moment, right now, you can experience this for yourself. It is easy and does not take years of training or decades of therapy or a certificate or a degree. It simply takes a moment of presence, a change in perspective, a waking up to see that you are not the beast or the bratty child though often we feel fused with them. You are the knowing within and beyond and beneath them. You are the lion whisperer and you are the parent that can soothe the child and make it feel safe. In every moment we have a choice as to which part of ourselves we choose to associate with, which perspective we choose to come from, and which energy we use to fuel our creations.


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