Chapter 10: The Radicals – an excerpt

The following is an excerpt from Chapter 10 of Bradley Thomason’s book Potentialized:

“Lucid living takes great courage for the human, but not for the soul.”

I have committed myself to five tenets that I use to guide my life, my relationships, and my communication. I call them the Radicals.

  • Radical courage
  • Radical responsibility
  • Radical forgiveness
  • Radical honesty
  • Radical self-care

The adjective radical adds force, focus, and amplification to whatever other word it precedes. It implies an essence that is fundamental and unwavering.

The Radicals are tools we can use to affect change in our fundamental nature. They reprogram us by shattering old fears, patterns, beliefs and programs, freeing us to create new possibilities. Like a rocket ship breaking free of the Earth’s gravitational pull, the Radicals help us as individuals to break free of the gravitational pull of safety, shoulds, other people’s opinions, stories, myths, and societal norms. We cannot break through to what is possible for us and be potentialized when we allow these limitations to continuously trap us in the orbit of mediocrity. Escape velocity takes a great deal of force in the form of bravery, honesty, deep love, and respect for self, absolute forgiveness on all levels, and most importantly, it requires clear and unfettered access to the deep and Universal drive and desire in all things to realize their highest purpose and potential.

The Earth germinated knowledge of the Radicals within me the day I danced on entheogens in the forest. As I started to use the Radicals in my life, my further awakening and transformation were catalyzed. In expressing them through me and sharing them with people I knew—friends and colleagues and clients—I catalyzed awakening and transformation in others, and I experienced how simple and powerful they are. They are gifts that give to all who touch and experience them, when they are used benevolently. So I share them with you now in the hope that they will help catalyze your awakening and transformation and do the same for those with whom you choose to share them.

There is no priority or order of importance to the Radicals, but they do seem to flow one into the other in an order unique to each individual who chooses to utilize them.

Use them wisely, use them kindly, use them selfishly and only for your own benefit and others will benefit by the experience and by association. Do not use them to teach or push or be right (though you probably will early on, as I did). Like a wizard mastering a new wand, you will have misfires. There will be collateral damage akin to turning one’s friend into a toad or causing a hideous wart to appear on the nose of a foe. Luckily, the consequences of these misfires are temporary and we can alleviate their impact by being radically honest and taking radical responsibility for our errors.

How do I gauge this you might say? Well, first, if you are raising your voice or speaking down to someone or being rude . . . STOP! You are not coming from benevolence. You are coming from ego and you are looking to win or be right. STOP. Then try again later.

In such cases, refer to Chapter 13, “Help, I’ve Been Hijacked!” Use the tools you read there to find your center before you try again. But do try again. It’s worth it.

Important: Do NOT beat yourself up or judge yourself for not knowing how to use the Radicals wand at first. It takes time and practice. You will misfire and there will be toads. So kiss the toads and forgive yourself, and try again. And by all means, admit what you are doing to those you turn into small woodland creatures. “Umm, sorry, I’m practicing this new magic called the Radicals and I think I might have misfired all over you. My apologies. Send me the bill for the dry cleaning. . . .” Got it? Good.

When the Radicals are used correctly, there is NEVER a loser in the interaction or exchange, EVER. There are only win-win learnings and openings in which both parties experience relief, connection, remembering, awareness, and awakening, ALWAYS. This is not negotiable. No “buts” allowed. If you are hurting someone, stop. If you make a mess of your friendships and relationships because you abuse the Radicals and go around declaring your truth without invitation, and demanding agreement, do not blame it on me or the Radicals. Take responsibility for your misfire, reread this chapter, and ponder the use of these tools before trying again.

Lord knows, we don’t need any more pain or suffering inflicted on us or on the world whether on purpose or unintentionally. If you create any messes, clean them up.


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