Chapter 1: Potentialized – an excerpt

The following is an excerpt from Chapter 1 of  Bradley Thomason’s book Potentialized:
The wisdom and means to potentialize are alive within all things.”


The path to deep fulfillment, to the realization of our potential is designed by the Universe to be one of
ease. A process of gentle becoming. Of steady and purposeful movement toward the highest and best version of ourselves.

It is not possible to be purposeless. Purpose is embedded in all things by design. A thing is always created with a unique purpose and the means to achieve it. An acorn contains all the instructions to create the mighty oak. Within the caterpillar are all the instructions on how to transform into a butterfly. Everywhere in nature this is true.

Given this, why do we humans struggle to know our purpose and realize our potential? Are we the only exceptions to this rule in an otherwise perfectly designed Universe? I think not. I would argue that each of us is born with a purpose and the natural ability to achieve that purpose. Each of us is part of a grand plan. Each of us is a perfectly designed organism within a perfectly designed system. That is the order of things.

Any struggle is our own. An acorn does not struggle to become the oak tree. A caterpillar does not struggle to become a butterfly. A flower does not struggle to bloom. A fawn does not struggle to run within hours of its birth or to grow into a full-grown deer.

They simply allow their own becoming as it was designed by a benevolent universe without resistance or judgment. The absence of struggle could be our reality, our truth, too, if we would only get out of the way by remembering who we truly are and why we are here—and then surrendering to our own becoming.

We humans are the only creatures on this extraordinary planet that struggle AGAINST our own becoming. We fight the innate wisdom that is always seeking to realize the highest within us. Perhaps by design, we have forgotten who we are and why we are here, and so we struggle to rediscover and remember the unique spark of the universe seeking expression through us. Remembering and rediscovering cannot be done through the mind, they can only be done by letting go and allowing our true nature to express unobstructed through our being and our human instrument—our whole mind- body-soul organism.

Why do we struggle against our birthright? Why do we struggle against being and becoming who and what we were created to be? As I watched everything around me in nature become with such ease, face death and loss without mourning, and live fully in each moment, I asked the Universe the questions: Why do I struggle? Why do WE struggle?

The Universe responded: “Your struggles lie within your mind. They are not real, but they become real to you when you create them through thoughts, words, and actions as experiences, and respond with emotion and make them real.”

Nearly ALL of our struggles are of the mind. We ate of the proverbial apple from the Tree of Knowledge, and ever since then our minds have ripped us from being and landed us in a world plagued by excessive thought and analysis. Our knowing moved from the body and heart into the mind and we lost our connection to that from which we came—nature—and from the all-knowing, benevolent Universe where all our answers, experiences, and wisdom are held. Specifically, we lost the wisdom of who we are and why we are here and the innate ability to expand into our unique potential and truest expression in this and every lifetime.

Potentialized is the state of having realized our potential. It is both a dynamic and fixed state of being. In any given moment, it is true that we are potentialized—even when we struggle. Who we are, what we are, and where we are in our lives represents the very best of us in that moment. We may judge our bests to be less than what we want to be (or think we could or should be), but it is the very best we can do simply because it already is what is.

If we could have done better, we would have.

If we could have done differently, we would have.

The best part of being potentialized is that the Universe is overjoyed by whatever we have achieved and created. It celebrates every thought we think, every word we speak, and every action we take without exception. It does not judge anything we do as good or bad, right or wrong. The Universe has no desire for us other than that which we desire for ourselves. The Universe just enthusiastically says, “YES, I will help you create whatever you want.” And it does. It conspires on our behalf in every moment, loving us, supporting us, helping us, and guiding us.


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