Potentialized Goes GLOBAL!

We are pleased to announce Potentialized is now available in the U.S., Italy, Germany, France and the UK.

Here’s a message from author Bradley Thomason:

Potentialized is the culmination of 30 years of living and searching and learning and remembering and struggling and succeeding and failing. At the end of which I realized that I was the one I’d been searching for. I’d been there the whole time, waiting for me to come home to ME.

My hope for each of my readers is that POTENTIALIZED helps bring you home to YOU. To the YOU you expressed with joy and ease at some point in this life before the pains and trespasses of living robbed you of your innocence and perfection. We all have a memory of this place.

I dare you to do YOU with everything you’ve got and to commit yourself to doing and being YOU better and more authentically each day.

Don’t wait to start being YOU. Pick up the book today and start a positive change that will reverberate for the rest of your life.