Chapter 6: Between you and YOU (aka The Inhibitors) – an excerpt


The following is an excerpt from Chapter 6 of  Bradley Thomason’s book Potentialized:
“Just because you are feeling FEAR does not mean what you are afraid of is real.”

If each of us has an innate force seeking to express itself fully through US, then why do we struggle so? Why does it seem that the longest journey we take in this life is the journey home to ourselves? Mine was a thirty-year journey from when I consciously set out. I am counting from the first step I took on the path.

As I took that first step, I had no idea of where I was going or where it would lead me.

Looking back at the end of the thirty-year journey, after discovering that I was what I was searching for all along, I asked the questions: What kept me from me? What dimmed my radiance? What muted my note? What inhibited me from expressing the seed of the Universe that lives within me?

With her typical joy, generosity, kindness, and love, the Universe answered me, saying, “Dear one, there is really only one thing standing in the way of you being the YOU I created you to be, and that is fear: fear of rejection, fear of being different, fear of being ridiculed, fear of death, fear of abandonment, fear of suffering, fear of going without, fear of being unlovable, fear of ____________ (fill in the blank). Fear keeps you from being and expressing the truth of who and what you are and why you are here.”

Her answer hit home as I looked around and realized that I was trapped inside a prison of fear and judgment. And what is judgment if not an expression of fear? The simplicity of this was too much for my mind to wade through and comprehend, so it immediately started to defend itself saying it was just trying to protect me, keep me safe, and prevent me from being hurt or judged or left alone. Seen from a different perspective, it was just trying to make sure I would be accepted and loved and successful and included.

All this is true. It had tried to do all this. But, I asked,  dear mind, have you succeeded? Have I not felt pain and failure and separation and hurt anyway? Has protecting me worked? Have we avoided what you sought to avoid? To which there was no answer to consider except no.

That’s OK, I said. Thank you for trying, you’ve done only what you thought was best for US and I love you for it. Deeply. But it may now be time to try something different—to be afraid AND to move forward instead of recoil or move away from whatever it is we think we are afraid of. What if we formed a different relationship with fear? What if we challenged fear and questioned fear and sought to understand the forms it takes to trick us and imprison us and keep us from US? Maybe it is time to challenge our limitations and emancipate us from them.

Please make note that it is not by mistake that I speak to my mind like it is separate from me. Each of us is running a similar mental dialogue every day, even if we are not aware of it. If we disrupt the autopilot thinking of the mind by questioning it, we quickly realize that we can reason with it and free ourselves from the restrictions it imposes on us. But who is dialoguing with whom? For me personally, it feels as though my true, essential self is, my knower or Creator, dialoguing with the human mind self; and depending on whom I align myself with, I will either remain imprisoned or I will notice that the key to my own emancipation is in my grasp and I will set myself free.

As I started to look more closely at fear and see how powerful and insidious it was in my thinking and creating, I sought to understand the roots of the fear. Where was fear born, where did it come from? Was my fear different from his or hers or yours? What forms did fear take? And I began to draw some conclusions.

And so were born the Inhibitors:

  • Fear

And the three constructs that I find have been impediments to me living and expressing my potential.  These concepts are not new; they’ve been around for a while.  As a human learning better how to live, but not a human trained in the field of psychology, I’m going to share them as I came to know them in the hope that they may also help you emancipate yourself from the power they wield in inhibiting your becoming:

  • Patterns
  • Programs
  • Beliefs



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