Chapter 9: Don’t Try This Alone – an excerpt

The following is an excerpt from Chapter 9 of Bradley Thomason’s book Potentialized:

“The answers we seek to all the prayers we pray lay in the collective organism that is humanity.”


The Universe said, “Psssst. Yo Bradley, silly human, come here. Sit down and have a listen. I created seven-plus billion of you, and well, uhm, the point is that you aren’t supposed to do it alone. Yeah, seven-plus billion points to be exact. So, might I ever-so-kindly suggest that you ask for help? And allow others the gift of helping you? Might you try calling others forth to be and express perfectly who and what they were created to be, and put it in service to you and your efforts? This is how it is supposed to work.

“You need each other, Bradley. I couldn’t possibly put all the tools needed for living on this complex planet and in your complex human society in your tool chest. You couldn’t lug that thing around, it would be so heavy. And it would blow your mind, literally, so I split up the infinite gifts and tools needed for this adventure and sprinkled them across the whole of humanity. So stop trying to fix it yourself, change it yourself, do it yourself all by yourself. Sure, it’s cute and fun for us to watch, and all, but you really are not getting anywhere this way because you keep slipping and falling in your own mess.

“When you pray to me for help and guidance and miracles, for new friends, new loves, new work opportunities, and for cures for whatever ails you, rest assured that I hid the answers to your prayers in the humans you encounter every day. Yes, the ones you walk by, judge, make fun of, laugh at, disregard, and otherwise ignore. Yep, them. So pull your head up. Look around you. And start looking for what you are praying for in your fellow humans. Look for it with more than your eyes. Use your heart and the intuitive knowing that allows us to speak these words to each other.

“When you’ve found the right solution, the right person, you will feel the connection and see the spark, and you will know who carries the gift I have sent forth in answer to your prayers. This is by design.

“And maybe this will interest you . . . the gift you may think is just for you is actually for you both, because you both receive a gift in the giving and receiving of it.


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