We believe in you, your idea, your business.

We believe each new moment is full of opportunities just waiting to be explored and discovered.

We believe fear is a sign you are onto something extraordinary. If you’re not afraid, you’re not dreaming big enough.

We believe you can and you will.

We believe you do know and our processes are designed to access this knowing.

We believe in teaching you to fish, so that you can.

We believe in radical honesty.

We believe in leaving things better than we found them.

We believe everything is an adventure, so let’s have fun, or what’s the point?

Potentialized is a virtual agency that draws our team of Potentializers from a global network of amazing humans doing really cool things.

Each Potentializer is chosen to address the unique needs, goals and deliverables of each project at the appropriate time.  No excess, no waste — what you need, when you need it!

Potentializing reveals the shortest path from here to there.

Our processes are nimble and focused.

Our engagements are efficient and concise. 

Our goal is to achieve real results fast so that you can get to doing.

When we conclude our engagement you will be clear, confident, excited, prepared and capable of actualizing your potential.


Bradley is an adventurer, entrepreneur and consultant who thrives on gaining wisdom and insight through people, new experiences and professional engagements. He believes imagination is fundamental to innovation and that all truly evolutionary breakthroughs are made possible when people collaborate and are encouraged to share their ideas and insights in a safe and open environment.

He has spent his career working with clients, employers and employees to solve complex problems and to identify and realize new opportunities. He believes it is essential to apply the perfect mix of experience, knowledge, creativity and inspiration on each project for lasting success to be possible. His expertise is focused on building and executing branding, communications, organizational development and IT strategies designed to empower organizations to actualize their potential.

He architects pioneering technology solutions and business intelligence systems for clients and has founded two tech startups : mPowered Solutions, Inc. (sold to Lookbooks Media in 2010) and Collabour, Inc.

Bradley currently lives in Madison, WI with his dog Max.  He is a forever student of the Earth and natural world.  Whenever he wants to connect, listen, has a question or needs a spark of genius he knows that time in nature will always bring him what he needs, when he needs it.

Bradley has just finished his first book, Potentialized, which is due out in June 2016.  He has started his second book, Potentialized for Organizations, which he expects to launch in Summer 2016.